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My Recent Projects

Here are some samples of my work, but if you're looking for a specific output, or work relating to a specific industry just drop me a line and I'll send a tailored portfolio. 

innocent blue campaign
a 360 campaign for innocent's first ever, definitely blue drink

To celebrate the launch of the first ever mainstream blue juice (and to make sure everyone knew it was definitely blue) I was asked to work on a multi-touchpoint campaign focusing on...well, blue. The campaign included a TV advert, print and digital OOH campaign and an immersive experiential blue café, which was created in partnership with Bompas & Parr.

cacao 70
a complete rebrand for a small chain of chocolate cafés and products

Cacao 70 had established themselves as the only place to go when you're craving a meal composed entirely of chocolate, but the problem was their artisan branding wasn't appealing to their younger demographic. I was tasked with recreating the brand to appeal to a younger audience or teenage chocolate lovers through all the possible brand touch points, from wall graphics, to packaging, to website design and social media. Over the course of the rebrand cacao70 saw a significant increase in their following on social media as well as increased sales of their packaged goods across all their locations. This allowed them to develop the brand further in preparation for becoming a franchise.

hackney gelato packaging
bright new packaging for delicious gelato

Hackney Gelato makes proper Italian ice creams that are 100% natural and completely delicious. The new packs reflect the origins and flavour profile of each of their new recipes and are designed to be eye catching and just as joyful as the gelato inside. 

product shot 1.png
50 years of the nutcracker at les grands ballets
an exhibition to celebrate 50 years of the nutcracker in Montreal.

To celebrate 50 years of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens performing the Nutcracker, I was asked to design an exhibition. The exhibition would showcase photos, costumes, artworks and posters from all the previous Nutcracker productions. Held in Place Des Arts Montreal, the exhibition was on from November to January, and was free to the public. 

Taking inspiration from the Nutcracker story, the concept behind the exhibition was to imitate the transformation the character Clara goes through. Shrunk down to the size of a mouse, Clara enters the world of the nutcracker under her Christmas Tree. The design intent was for visitors to feel as if they had been shrunk to the size of a mouse and become part of a Victorian paper theatre. As the exhibition was only temporary and would never be reused, making sure everything produced was easily dismantled and recycled was central to the execution of all the artworks. I used recycled hexagonal structured, cardboard layers to create the theatre flats for each section of the exhibition  as well as the characters and central Christmas tree. This meant at the end of the show it was easily broken down and recycled on site.

plant prints
an exploration into digital drawing.

In my spare time I love to draw, and since I work so much digitally I thought it would be fun to experiment with digital drawing. This led me to create my first series of prints, which are now available to purchase on Etsy and studio 73 in Brixton. There are 12 prints in total (printed using vegetable inks on recycled paper), which you can purchase here.

big knit 
a big out of home campaign featuring some very little hats for a good cause

The big knit has existed in the UK for over 10 years, helping raise money for Age UK to help keep older people warm through winter. The campaign has since been expanded to include most of the regions in which innocent operates, and for this campaign, 3 regions were brought together to create one unified campaign which ran in 4 languages across winter 2018. As the lead creative on this campaign I was responsible for the project from start to artwork, working with the local regions to make sure the concept worked in all languages, and even recruiting a fabulous knitting granny to create some bespoke hats.

the smoothie's new clothes
an interactive book to help juice loving kids with autism

This little book was created in response to a change that innocent made in their packaging. When the design of the kids smoothies packaging changed in 2016, some parents got in touch to let innocent know that this had caused a major problem for their autistic children who really struggle with change. For many of them, smoothies were one of their only sources of fruits and veg, which made it all the more important to help them adapt. In response, I created this book, in collaboration with a copywriter in the team. Through research we discovered that children with autism like to learn in interactive ways. This led us to create a pop up book which explains how the smoothies have changed their clothes, but inside they're still the same. The books were produced individually, finished by hand and sent to 10 families. Although initially we were skeptical if the books would help, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

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