Work in film & TV

I have been transitioning into the film industry since Dec 2019, and have had the opportunity to work on some short films & adverts, some of which are still under NDA. If you'd like to see further samples of my work, please get in touch

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Red Bull Spark
graphic tattoos and bracelets for a dystopian future

"The year 2049 – when technology has been invented that converts human emotions into clean energy. A young man, out of touch with his feelings, experiences a moment that sparks him back into life."

I created a series of graphic tattoos and designs for laser cut bracelets which are convert emotions into energy. 

You can watch the short here:

We all share the same dreams

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His Dark Materials/
Painting practice
production design research & graphics support

Since Dec 2019 I have been working with Painting Practice and Joel Collins on His Dark Materials, as well as other projects in the pipeline. 

Other work
get in touch

All the other work I have produced for film & TV is still unreleased, and so I'm unable to share it publicly. 

But if you would like to see samples of the work to understand my graphics capabilities, please get in touch.

recipe book graphics
period graphics for a personal project

To help demonstrate the range of my skills during lockdown, I've been working on a recipe book, set between 1948 and 1958, following my Grandma's journey from Alexandria to London, via Paris and the Far East. I've created a separate page to show the project in detail here.